Wounded War Heroes Deserve Better

Here is a letter I just wrote to President Obama:

Dear President Obama,

I thought that once you became Commander in Chief of our troops, you would mellow and shed some of the far-left anti-military pre-election rhetoric.  It saddens me to learn that you have not changed since being handed the reins of our world-elite soldiers.

Our troops were sent into battle by the President and Commander in Chief along with a resounding vote of encouragement of Congress.  They willingly moved forth and performed admirably with full support of the American public.  They were put in harm’s way to defend the United States and her citizens and wound up freeing more than 26 million Muslim women, children and men from the suffrage of Radical Islam.

Many of our brave soldiers paid the ultimate price and selflessly gave up their very lives so others may remain free.

Many more had their bodies broken and their blood spilled on foreign battlefields.  These brave heroes need much more than a medal and a visit from some government official.  They need our full support and admiration.

America needs to provide total unfailing treatment and love to make sure all of our wounded and maimed soldiers receive whatever it takes to make them whole again.  America has created an organization to do just that: the Veterans Administration Hospital network.

I was horrified when I heard you were going to save a pittance of $540 million, as compared to a several trillion dollar bailout for businesses that should have been put into receivership and reorganized in the marketplace, by making our soldiers own insurance companies pay for their rehabilitation.  First, most insurance companies do not cover acts of war in their policies.  Second, all insurance policies have maximum lifetime expenditure limits of one-half to one million dollars.

Our heroes do not need a limit on their treatment.  In fact, I believe that they and their families should be provided with all they need to help them return to as normal lives as possible.  If that means knee or hip replacements for shattered bones, so be it.  If that means jaw and face reconstruction so they can eat normally again, America should provide it.  We should also pay their families the same wage as they were making when they were sent into battle.

Please reconsider retaining and even improving the care for our wounded heroes.  They have sacrificed more than you or I have and they deserve the full support and love of their country.

Respectfully yours,

Fred Hoot