Cyber Tea Leaves Pointing to Chet Edwards???

OK – I know that this is going to show that I’m very nerdy and bored while I’m at home and my little girl is taking her nap on my day off.

I have been typing in a few URL’s and noticed something:


When I type these in – something comes up – either the site is parked by GoDaddy.com or there is news placed there by a third party holding the site.

However if I try –


All I get is a connection refused message at all three sites. Not parked, not owned by a third party, just no connection at all.

It would make sense that if a big rollout is planned, these addresses would be temporarily totally offline – then immediately point to the barackobama.com website as soon as the VP pick is announced.

Call me crazy – just pointing this out. I predict Team Obama is ready to point the name servers for these three sites to barackobama.com as soon as the VP text message/e-mail goes out to the world. Try it for yourself.