Was the Politico McCain House Question a Setup?

Politico is headlining this and it’s flying across the fiber-optic lines of the Internet as we speak.

POLITICO: McCain Unsure How Many Houses He Owns

Interestingly enough, Obama’s campaign has already come up with an ad.

OBAMA TV AD released this morning

This story was already circulating before Politico asked their questions – according to the article below, the DNC accused McCain of being out of touch and owning seven homes way back on August 12th.

St. Petersburg Times/Seven Homes for John McCain

There also is a website dedicated to pointing out the houses John McCain (actually Cindy) owns…if Politico wanted to look.

McCain vs. Minnesota using Google Maps to show McCain Homes

So it appears to me that Politico setup McCain to be quoted for the Obama ad, and Obama’s campaign was waiting to pounce.

Something smells fishy about this………….