2014 Conservative Senate & House Challengers

Updated and edited to include new information

I posted a comment and diary recently about publishing a list of all primary challengers to the entrenched beltway establishment fat cats. It’s done, and it’s at http://ballotpedia.org/Portal:Elections/

The Madison Project is also showcasing candidates and providing details about the candidates’ positions.

I named the last diary “Do Your Friends Know Who The Challengers Are?”. This really is the crux as we mobilize people to stop grumbling and get out to vote. Readers here at RedState are plugged in, and they already know what to do come primary day. But it’s going to be the currently less informed who will make the difference this year. They may not take the time to see past the superstorm of propaganda that The Party has unleashed, abundantly funded by the Chamber of Commerce and others who enjoy the benefits of crony capitalism. It’s our job to prevent that from happening.

Using any source of information that can easily be referenced and sent to other voters who may not be up to speed on who’s who and what’s what could make a difference.

This year, as Daniel, Erick and others are pointing out, the grassroots really need to stand up and act if our Republic is to be saved.

How many more times can we say, “This fight is our last chance” before we realize that we missed the last chance? Turnout at primaries is fractional, and general elections generate roughly fifty percent participation, give or take. This election won’t be about changing minds. It will be about getting more of our people to the polls then the establishment can, simple as that.

Please help to create a better informed and motivated electorate by getting your friends and acquaintances familiar with the strongest conservative contender who will be on your primary ballots. (We also need to take measures not to split the vote between multiple challengers this year, but that’s another subject.)