Do Your Friends Know Who The Challengers Are?

Primaries by state and district, all candidates

Last week Erick had a suggestion for a great use of space on RedState’s front page.

One day, should I ever have the money to buy back the joint, I’m going to put a map on the front page of RedState that will make it easy for you to track all the candidates we are supporting. For now, though, I’m going to begin rolling out the list.

Maybe Erick’s resources would make this an easy task for him, maybe not. Either way it sounds like a lot of time. But the value of getting an easy to read reference up for readers to use can not be overestimated.

Rather than a map, or rolling out the names one-by-one, as Erick is doing now, maybe space could be borrowed from the RS Community side bar to be shared with a scrolling list of the preferred candidates by state and district. Any tools that make it easier for readers to share information with friends and contacts is a plus.

With a few clicks I found the ballotpedia linked to at the top of this diary. It doesn’t breakdown by district, but it provides the names of the candidates in each state all in one place. Maybe by working together readers and writers could shorten this list to preferred candidates only, identified with their respective districts shown.

As Erick noted, it’s us vs them, and the them is not just Democrats. It’s the Washington DC establishment. It has declared war on the conservative wing of the Republican party, the only wing I would argue that is trying to keep a place at the table for the taxpayers, and they are funded on a scale that the grassroots can only dream of. In this election, aside from generous donations by the grassroots, the most powerful tool conservatives will have is a strong word-of-mouth campaign, candidate-by-candidate, and a strong social media presence where networking could be leveraged to produce universal name recognition.

It’s worth the effort. Knowledge is power. And it is critical that power be converted into action at the precinct level this primary (and general) season.

Update: From diana11 a link to dates for all state primaries
american grizzlies.com
Very important, conservatives will want to know when it’s time to head to the polls.

Further update: It’s not like this is a new idea. (Warning: links to dailykos.com) Note the date: October, 2013.