Mitt Romney and Count My Vote

Protect Our Neighborhood Elections released this statement to KSL

I find it odd that once again, Mike Leavitt is looking to the wealthiest of people outside of Utah for support to CMV.

While I may respect Mr. Romney, It is clear he is not educated on the issue in Utah. He suggests a majority should always select the nominee and the CMV proposal fails to do that

As to nullifying the initiative, you can’t nullify something that isn’t law. The people have not said they wish to vote on this. CMV has not obtained the signatures they need. Nor have the people actually voted on it. Since so many of these signatures were gathered improperly, there is nothing for the legislature to interfere with, except perhaps the Constitutional rights of the parties themselves. Of course, the CMV proposal does that same thing.

It would be nice if Mr. Romney would actually read the initiative and see how a high school student could find many of the technical problems with this poorly written law. I thought Mr. Romney believed it was bad to pass laws people hadn’t read. He really shouldn’t just trust Sec. Leavitt’s read, since clearly the CMV proposal looks nothing like a proposal Mitt Romney would support. Again, Mitt should read it before he weighs in on something he clearly knows little about.

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