Count My Vote Utah and the Emperor's New Clothes

We have all heard the story of ” The Emperor’s New Clothes”

I have not spoken to anyone that has experience reading bills that have read the proposed “Count My Vote”  law that doesn’t agree that the Legislature would have to fix it. They even admitted that.

It contradicts itself. I would have thought since they are spending over $3/4 Million on this they would have got a real “bill”. 


The bunch of people that they had say the “bill” was constitutional, only said that based on one primary argument: Could the state force the parties to change their system based on the proposed “bill”?

They (Count My Vote) don’t seem to want people to read it. Just sign it and vote on it later. The purpose of getting that many people to sign it is to make sure, since they are bypassing the legislature, that the “bill” gets vetted. We get ticked at congress if they don’t read what they are voting on.

CMV intentionally made it hard for anyone to come to the public hearings, and almost no one would have come if we didn’t invite them. They then had a chance to amend their proposed law and they didn’t.

Now they hope some legislator can bail them out and change the law, but they can’t back off because, I believe, they have told the education community that if CMV passes, they will use it to change the legislature so taxes are raised and education gets more money.

They have told others, I have heard, that CMV will allow certain candidates that “can’t” win under the current system, to win, and those are helping to pull in the big bucks for them so their candidates get elected in 2016.

98% of all the money raised, $851,201.50 this year and before comes in contributions of $2,500 or more, much of it $25,000. 92% of all money raised came from 34 donors. 7 of 8 corporations donating to Count My Vote’s PIC have not filed with the state as required by state law.

And Count My Vote is worried about 20,000 state and county delegates from the different parties that are elected by 150,000 voters? Perhaps we should worry about the 34 that are doing most of the funding of Count My Vote?