My view We need to keep fair elections in Utah Deseret News

My op-ed for the Deseret News:


That system of discussion is being proposed to be removed from the neighborhood caucus meeting. We would be dropping off votes, but not meeting and discussing candidates and issues. We want neighbors discussing the best candidates and finding ways to improve this state and the nation. That is what is wrong with Washington, D.C. Many don’t listen to each other in a meeting. They watch from their offices. We need to change that, not perpetuate it.
Perhaps the “Count My Vote” group should go watch “WALL-E” from Pixar again (the people on the spaceship).
We are talking neighborhood town halls. We aren’t just meeting to elect delegates. I believe the Count My Vote group would ruin that.

The present system does not protect the incumbent, the wealthy or the famous. Keep fair elections in Utah.


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