Is Count My Vote a Republican or Democratic Group

Interesting that a few weeks ago, the Count My Vote / Buy My Vote people were emphasising they were also run by a lot of democratic members when Jim Dabakis encouraged their members:

“Democrats, do not be manipulated into into helping the GOP insiders in their internal war. DO NOT help the initiative–DO get involved in helping Utah Democrats decide own own future by getting involved in our review of our party’s process.”

The Count My Vote / Buy My Vote people fought back with this:
“The managing partner of Exoro is Maura Carabello, a well-known Democrat who helped Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, a Democrat, get elected last fall.

… half of the Exoro staff are Democrats, half are Republicans.

Carabello and Webb are both on the Count My Vote steering committee, as are other well-known Utahns, including former Gov. Mike Leavitt.”

Now the Count My Vote / Buy My Vote are all Republicans again? That is what they are saying now. I wonder why?

You really can’t have it both ways.
When people realize this “Count My Vote initiative will give them less of a chance to participate but give media and power brokers more power, they will not sign any initiative. This is a power grab by Lobbyists, and those that want to run for office but don’t believe they can win if vetted by average citizens asking one on one questions.

Perhaps you should realize that Utah was one of the early states to get rid of the Caucus System. We didn’t like the results when we did and voter turnout went down. We changed it to get a governor that wouldn’t have won otherwise. It took less than 10 years for everyone to want the Caucus System or Mass Meetings back. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

Who are we going to change our system for this time? The people, or some powerful candidate?


The current system does not protect the incumbent, wealthy or famous. Ie think that is a good thing.

Keep Fair Elections in Utah.

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