Palin Pick

most of the posters here that she was the right choice, though I certainly like her.

Krauhthammer says that McCain was already gaining momentum and that this was a needless risk. He could be correct. McCain had no need to be desparate. Obama has had a slight lead, but so what. The Dems over the last two elections have had even greater leads at this time and lost. So, why panic?

Also, go over to NRO and read some of David Frum’s comments. He also makes much sense. We are involved in two wars and the appearance of a re-emerging imperial Russia, not to mention the Iran issue. Is Palin ready to step in and handle these situations, should something happen to an aging McCain?

McCain had Obama back on his heels, and now the issue for this campaign is one of whether McCain, who claims to put country first, put politics and identity politics first in the choosing of his VP.

Palin will have several weeks to show her gravitas and comportment and poise. And, given the media bias, any minor failing will be magnified to absurdity.

It gives me little assurance, after the Chris Wallace interview this morning with McCain, that he only met with her very briefly. That is totally amazing. Could he be putting his almost obsessive desire to be the maverick ahead of common sense?

I am deathly afraid of an Obama presidency. I guess I will need to do some serious praying.