New polls: McCain now up by 1 in CO, within margin of error in MN, more...

Rasmussen has McCain up by 1 in both CO and Va., and now within the margin of error in MN (to 4, down from 12) — which hasn’t gone Republican since 1972.

Nationally, Rasmussen has Obama up by 1, 47-46 among registered voters.

I have long maintained that if McCain can keep this race within five points, all the way through election day, then he wins. Google the “Bradley effect”.

McCain holds a 3 point edge in NV, according to Rasmussen.

I lost trust in many other pollsters, who seem to have an agenda to shape the elections. Rasmussen seems to always come the closest.

If Obama names Tim Kaine, then he seems to win Va., however. Claire McCaskell would deliver MO, while Debbie Stabenow would ensure MI. So all this is just a snapshot in time.