It's all but confirmed: Obama/Bayh vs. McCain/Lieberman

There’s the ticket: Obama/Bayh vs. McCain/Lieberman, in the first all-sitting US Senator race in history.

Bayh is close to both Clintons, and after toying with the idea of running in 2008 himself, was a strong supporter of Hillary’s presidential campaign. His choice as Veep could mollify the Clintons themselves, and help heal the rift in the Democratic Party. Obama is also making a strong play for Indiana.

The only drawback is that the Republicans would gain Bayh’s Senate seat via gubernatorial appointment.

For McCain, choosing a Democrat – the party’s nominee for vice president only eight years ago — would dramatically demonstrate that his candidacy transcends the normal partisanship that grips Washington. A McCain/Lieberman ticket would be the first bi-partisan ticket since Lincoln in 1864.

In addition, the GOP would pick up Lieberman’s seat, also via an appointment by CT Gov. Jodi Rell.

Though neither VP choice has been formally announced, giddy campaign staffers are leaking details to the media.