What John Edwards did wasn't so bad

Let’s put things in perspective: Were John Edwards’ actions really so bad? First, the woman never accused him of sexual harrassment or unwanted advances. He was not old enough to be her father, and he was not in any supervisory capacity over her.

The affair didn’t occur until after his wife’s cancer had gone into remission, and furthermore, he’s probably not even the father of the baby. Besides, from all accounts, this woman was “easy”, and she may have been the one making the advances.

The right-wing Republican attack machine is working overtime to malign and discredit this noble public servant. John Edwards is guilty of nothing more than bridging the economic gap between the two Americas, and trying to bring social justice to all.

And not to be forgotten, he traveled often in pursuit of the presidency, and so he was away from his wife for long periods of time. And hey, a guy’s gotta do… So all the hate merchants should stop casting judgment and distracting this country away from the important issues we face.