Is Obama a Manchurian candidate?

My dentist, who is from Iran but has denounced Islam, fervently believes that Obama is a Manchurian candidate.

He believes that Obama represents an attempted takeover of America by Islam. Is Obama portraying himself as the Muslim candidate? No. Is he portraying himself as the answer to the white Judeo/Christian oppression of the colored peoples of this world? Yes, and they are buying it.

Make no mistake about it. He has become their Martin Luther King. And he has become absolutely impervious to attack. Nothing we can say, no truths revealed, no matter how reliable or frightening, will dissuade them from choosing their Black Messiah.

My dentist believes that in 2009-10, things will improve for Americans, thus allowing Obama to persuade us to give the Muslim nations more influence. Their ultimate goal is takeover of the western world and enactment of Sharia law. Let’s face it: Europe is well on their way, and the U.S. could be as well, with a possible president Obama.

Question: Is my dentist nuts, or does this have some validity?