Dear America,

Allow me, if you will, for just a few moments to apologize to you.

I apologize, America, for having let you down.

I apologize, America, for losing faith in you.

I apologize, America, for believing in others more than in you.

I apologize, America, for turning my back on your sacred word, The Constitution of The United States of America.

I apologize, America, for forgetting your words on The Declaration of OUR Independence.

I apologize, America, for forgetting that we have freedom OF religion and NOT freedom FROM religion.

America!, I apologize for the countless innocent lives tortured to death by abortion.

I apologize, America, for ignoring the cries of the innocent.

I apologize, America, for turning my back on the least of us.

I apologize, America, for forgetting that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

AMERICA!, I apologize for not listening to the will of the people!

I apologize, America, for social progressivism, social justice, social engineering, and yes, America, even for social security.

America! I apologize for separating the dollar from the gold standard.

I apologize, America, for allowing those that can care less for you to sell your secrets to the highest bidder.

I apologize, America, for trying to control speech in its many forms.

I apologize, America, for allowing unqualified teachers to shape your future because of tenure.

I apologize, America, for borrowing from your future generations and for taking all that was once good and true about you.

I apologize, America, that I have allowed your light to dim.

For ridiculing you in front of the world.

America! I apologize for setting you back decades in progress. Both social and technical.

But most of all, America, I apologize for believing in others more than I believe in you.

To that end, America, I promise:

To try harder.

To work harder.

To return to the belief that all men are created equal in the eyes of our Lord and Savior.

To return to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

To encourage future generations to exercise their creative imaginations.

To encourage those that follow us to strive for a higher standard.

To believe, America, that you ARE exceptional.

AMERICA! I promise, that if need be, to feed your tree of liberty with my own blood.  From sea to shining sea!.

America! I promise to do MY part in government.

To hold those accountable that disrespect you and your glorious symbol of freedom, Ol’ Glory!

America! I promise NOT to bow before the rulers of the world!

I PROMISE! America! to shine your light brightly throughout the world so that God Almighty be praised for lifting you up again to your rightful place as steward of all that is good and all that is right in the world!

AMERICA this! and SO MUCH MORE, I PROMISE to do for you.

And WHY? you might ask would I do this?