Being an American is a PRIVILEGE not a right!

To ALL the people of the world AND to the current administration (sic) of The United States of America:

Being an American CITIZEN is NOT a right. It is a PRIVILEGE!

It is granted OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.  We the people determine whom we allow to become American CITIZENS.

It is time that ALL members of a government that is supposed to be representative of the people, start doing the will of the people. The decision of the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco is a slap in the face to the Citizens of The United States of America and her sovereignty.

We The People of THESE United States of America have witnessed and been victim to more atrocities by our very own government in the last 20 months than we have in the last 200 years!

Our “president” bowing and apologizing to foreign leaders in the name of America.

Our First “lady” FINALLY being proud of America, “for the first time in her adult life”.

Our “commander in chief” surrendering parts of sovereign American land to a foreign country.

Our sovereignty under attack by simply FAILING to protect OUR borders, language and culture.

Our “justice” department openly REFUSING to prosecute the racist New Black Panthers.

Our EPA using the endangered species act to impeded law enforcement along the border.

Our government taking over private industry and firing private employees without remorse.

Our government FAILING to appropriately deal with the gulf oil disaster.

Our government ARROGANTLY telling us what and how to think.

Our government ramming bills down our throat without regard to OUR WILL.

Our government dividing us by class and ethnicity.

The list goes on and on and on.  In fact, the list can go 13 trillion more times longer but WE THE PEOPLE have had ENOUGH.

The ills that we face, are neither DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN.  They are American. As Americans, it is OUR RIGHT, OUR DUTY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY… even, OUR SACRED CALLING, to once again UNITE. STAND TALL FOR AMERICA. RID OURSELVES of this cancer that is eating us alive from within.

On November 2nd, vote for America! Hold our leaders accountable.  Let us REMEMBER what made America so great! Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is more important to our future, than to stand united and speak as one.  We MUST demand that our ELECTED officials do OUR WILL or replace them with honest, intelligent, law abiding CITIZENS who understand that if we turn a blind eye to corruption, then America as a whole, is corrupt. The shining beacon on the hill for the world, will grow dimmer and dimmer until the world, as a whole, plunges into darkness. Let us therefore, honor our founding fathers and our children and grandchildren by exercising our rights and responsibilities on November 2, 2010.  God bless you all, and God bless America!

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