America 2010: Christianity vs. Islam - Separating the wheat from the chaff.

OH MY! It’s like the Titanic! Everyone can see the ship is going down and its not even women and children first, this time around! It’s Washington FIRST and to he-double hockey sticks for the rest of us!
Generally speaking, it is the Congress that has the power and authority to declare war. The Congress is supposed to be, figuratively speaking, the voice and the will of the people. What we have witnessed from our politicians, (for leaders they are not) in these last few days is nothing short of FEAR AND SURRENDER!  I believe this is potentially the calm before the storm as America’s politicians and world leaders are holding their collective breaths fearing that the “Battle of The Ages” is about to begin!
Who is going to declare this war? Who is going to separate the wheat from the chaff? Congress? No, Obama? NO! It is a simple Pastor. NO REVEREND WRITE EITHER!  A small time Pentecostal Pastor! Doing NOTHING MORE than exercising the same freedoms, liberties and rights that those of questionable background are pursuing in attempting to ram their “OUTREACH” (victory) Mosque AT Ground Zero.
Islam is demanding that America tolerates its “holy” laws while at the same time overlooking the fact that in America, women are not property, they do have a voice, they have rights and we have a legal system that is not “eye for an eye”… Well, the last time I checked, it was still MOSTLY America. But I digress. A place where we are ALL equal in that we ALL have the same freedoms and rights to be more than our predecessors! In America, government law supersedes RELIGIOUS law.  And HERE is where the problem lies…
Islam is not just a religion. It is a theocracy.  Our politicians are stepping over themselves because they just don’t know how to deal with the situation.  The People of the United States, however submissive they may be to mans law,will not bow to the tyranny of the theocracy of Islam. America was founded on Judeo/Christian principals NOT sharia law. Here, the government cannot and will not be able to hold back what is already forming into a tsunami of American Holy War.  Gods people WILL NOT BOW to heathen! And so, the opening act in the final battle MAY BE about to begin.
Washington is in a state of panic because it JUST came to the realization that the ONLY power it has over the American people is that power which WE THE PEOPLE give them. They are powerless to stop this Pastor from exercising his Constitutional RIGHTS and are practically BEGGING him not to proceed. They fear our poor, helpless, defenseless soldiers fighting the big bad Taliban is going to be targeted on the playground.
Can you imagine a small time Pastor of a Pentecostal church making international headlines? Even the Vatican wants to have a say in the matter?  MAN WHAT A QUANDARY! For BOTH Washington AND the Vatican because, in fact… NEITHER has power, legal or religious, over the Pentecostal church. There is only ONE who has power over the Pentecostal church and I can assure you, having been raised Pentecostal myself, THIS is one little church the WILL NOT BACK DOWN, unless it sees a valid reason, a greater good if you will, in not doing so.  NOT because the the goon squad was sent to intimidate them. Not because a perceived Manchurian candidate awkwardly tries to find a way to wiggle out of this fine mess he’s gotten into, but because the Pastor MAY see a greater good in not doing so. Hence the temporary suspension.  And wouldn’t it be JUST LIKE GOD to take the least among us to make fools of and humble those that would mock The Almighty Himself.
Yes, Washington AND the world is afraid.  VERY afraid.  As well it should be. Christians know that “we fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities”.  I truly wish I could make Washington understand this but, IT IS, after-all, ABOVE Obama’s pay grade.
So the countdown has begun as the fate of the world may now hinge on a simple, unknown Pastor who by simply exercising his American Rights, may launch… yes…
Peace be with you. And may The Lord of Hosts protect us all.
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