Through the looking glass

With emotions strained to break-point regarding the building of the mosque in NYC, it is time for us to collectively take a deep breath and count to 10 before proceeding down “the prim-rose path”.

The “right” to build a place of worship in the United States is unalienable. Whether or not it is “right” to build this particular mosque in lower Manhattan is not. Imagine building a museum  honoring Adolf Hitler right next to the Wailing Wall or for that matter, REBUILDING the Temple on land which is RIGHTFULLY Israels, to do with, whatsoever its sovereignty so chooses. OR, and here is the kicker, a HUMBLE 8×5 small inconspicuous room  made of unpainted discreet material such as wood or heck, even cardboard.  JUST something small so that Christians may PRIVATELY and quietly worship Jesus Christ and “build a bridge” to Islam…. in Mecca! Heck! I would settle for a nativity scene in the school yard like in days of yore!!

When Islam  as a whole is ready to live by its own demands, THEN and ONLY then can we begin to have a dialog about the right of Islam  to infringe upon the will of the people of the United States by forging ahead with a plan that is sure to officially ignite the religious war between Islam  and Christianity.This will quickly rev up into a monster beyond any one mans control. Especially The Vacationing One.

By chiming in his own two cents worth, the (p)/resident overstepped his legal authority.  He was absolutely correct in stating that Muslims have as much right to worship anywhere in America as do all other religions. Where he overstepped his legal authority was in ENDORSING that it be built in lower Manhattan.  The federal government has a duty and obligation to guarantee and ensure “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”.  NOT FREEDOM FROM RELIGION. By ENDORSING THIS mosque be built IN lower Manhattan, he has single-handedly forced a religion upon an unwilling and overwhelmingly opposed citizenry. In simple terms, the government can’t meddle in religion in any way, form  or function, except to protect our divine right to worship as we believe so long as it does not infringe on national security or established law. It (the government) is strictly forbidden under the Constitution to meddle in religion.  While Obama CAN and SHOULD defend religious freedom  as a whole, he cannot endorse ANY religion being practiced in any specific area, nor can he voice any position that is not already stated in the Constitution.  He represents and speaks for America.  Clearly, ALL of his actions since taking office show the exact opposite.

Clearly America has entered a time of decision. Will we stand firmly upon the principals and ideals and FAITH that established our God BLESSED nation? Or will we capitulate to smooth speaking snake oil salesmen pretending to be doctors that offer a cure for everything and always coming up with the same diagnosis, “It’s George W. Bush’s fault!” Theorizing that the only way out is to bow to foreign gods and spend our way into oblivion.

America has been speaking loud and clear since the infamous election of Barak Obama. YES! We wanted change! Instead we got “short-changed”.

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