DEFIANCE and The American Way

That’s it! Today was the day I publicly stepped forward and said “Enough!”

This morning I woke up to my usual morning headlines from Red State. After yet one more day of mounting worries and fears and omens, I have signed up for Red State.  Why? Because for too long we have forsaken our birthright and have allowed the cancer of acquiescence to grow into a tumor of indifference to our government and its actions.

It is clear that while we have sat idly by, this tumor has festered and grown so large that our very existence as a nation of free people is now in critical condition and in dire need of intensive care. Its only cure is a strong dose of the United States Constitution. I now question if we (the patient) have the will and desire to stand up and fight for our (way of) life, or if we are too weak or cowardly to take care of ourselves as our founding fathers intended.

We have always believed our President to be like the good sheppard that protects his flock. Forgetting that we, the people, also bear responsibility in holding accountable, those that would violate our laws and freedoms. We have become a nation of sheep allowing ourselves to be lead like lambs to the slaughter by a group of evil doers instead of being the protectors of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That “shining city on a hill”.

It is time for us to be Americans first and leave the hyphens behind, once and for all. There are no “African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Cuban-Americans”, etc.  JUST AMERICANS.  Not just by birth, but by LEGAL certification AFTER going through a process (albeit horribly flawed) that would LEGALLY allow immigrants to become part of the fabric of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. No other country in the world would allow the flagrant violation of borders by illegal immigrants as has America. Yet, we are criticized by the world for enforcing OUR laws.

We are a sovereign nation.  “ONE nation, under God” where men (and women) are free to worship, or not, as they see fit, without fear of retribution from the government as our country was meant to since its inception. When our President turns his face from the growing violence on our borders and allows foreign leaders to join a lawsuit against one of our states (Arizona) and furthermore, allows a foreign leader to verbally offend and assault our government and the will of the people, WITHIN the very chambers of “The People’s House” and when a political party gives credence to and honors such sentiment with applause and standing ovations (sic), it is time for “We The People of These UNITED States of America” to reign in the power of a government that has long since forgotten that we are a nation of laws and a nation governed OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.  It is time to hold accountable those that have forsaken their OATH and to bring justice to the millions upon millions of American citizens whose rights and freedoms have so flagrantly been trampled upon.

This November, the future of our country, MY country, is at stake. Will the will of The People be respected? Will this mark the official start of the 2nd American Revolution OR, will we once again sit idly by and watch our republic dissipate into the annals of history allowed to be destroyed from within by a people who would much rather sip latte’s or play video games on their flat panel T.V.’s?

Who am I and why should it matter?


A paradox in a world that has turned upside down. I am a conservative/republican. No big deal there… EXCEPT, I am of Hispanic heritage, I am also a divorced father, bi, bankrupt, HIV+, Christian AND I live in San Francisco.  I LOVE my country and all the rights and privileges it has granted me. I KNOW that in-spite of all my short-comings, and God knows their are myriad, that I am a good and faithful AMERICAN. I believe in the Constitution and all that it provides.  I believe that we are a nation blessed by the Almighty Himself.

It is painful that I would be considered a pariah because of poor choices I have made in my past, yet, throughout all these trials and tribulations, I have persevered.  Why? Because my strength and will to “live free or die” come from a Higher place.  One that is way above our Presidents pay grade.  But I do see a little bit of the reason for my existence and why what has become of me, is.  You see, if it is true that “not everything that shines is gold” then ironically, not everything that is golden, shines. My life, by its very existence, is living proof of the latter.  There is no other way to view it but as that for I know that I am not alive and prospering in health and well being of my own doing.  Perhaps it is a reminder to all that we share some common beliefs.  A common patriotism and a common belief in God.  Perhaps it is to show America that, yes folks, there are some good people with alternate lifestyles that SHARE your beliefs and are willing to fight for and die for them.  Yes folks! There really ARE conservatives in San Francisco. Right under Nancy Pelosi’s nose! Right here in the den of vipers where insanity and incoherence reign supreme. So, in TRUE San Francisco style, I DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!  But I would also add that just as I am as patriotic as any American CAN be, there are also others.  I am NOT alone in my beliefs.  As conservatives, we have for far too long ignored the LGBT community. We (conservatives) have been so focused on WHAT we (LGBT community) are that we have forgotten WHO we are.  Just as there are MANY who are so diametrically opposed to the conservative right, there are also many who are PART OF the same.  Our voices then become mute because we are, “one of them”.  Well, I am here to be a voice.  Not just for the LGBT community, but for “We The People” as well.

I believe all that I have written on this, my FIRST entry.  I believe it so much, that it is the reason I would be willing to nourish the tree of liberty with my own blood.  Blood that many would consider unworthy and cursed by God Himself.  Well, here is another little shocker for you.  I believe MY HIV to be a blessing and NOT a curse because a) God don’t give me nothing I can’t handle and b) there is a greater purpose to having contracted it. I believe that purpose was to appreciate the life I DO have and not focus on the life I HAVE had. Make no mistake, I do NOT regret contracting HIV.  It has allowed me to refocus my life on what it good and just. On the very meaning of life itself, and on the infinite love and mercy of our Creator.  I am not asking you to understand me.  I am asking you NOT to place limits on Gods infinite love and mercy and ultimate plan for, in His words, “His way is not our ways” and we cannot claim to know the mind of God. Again I say, I AM LIVING PROOF! Please remember that, for I fear the day is coming where we will ALL be called upon to stand up for our rights and way of life.  To fight for what our forefathers sacrificed for.  To acknowledge that for all its ills, there is no place like home, AMERICA.

Frankie Ninja, August 09, 2010

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