2 issues to win back voters

Robert Samuelson of Newsweek is out with another good column today on oil and gas. He takes Obama to task for not using new energy devlopment to provide jobs. Why has no Republican leader since Sarah Palin jumped all over this? Polling was strong on this in our favor during the election. Even McCain was talking well on this issue but the financial crisis took the wind out of the sails.We should push nuclear, off shore drilling, Anwar, coal shale or as T. Boone Pickens says”all of the above”. Samuelson points out what we all know, we are an oil based economy and will for the not to distance future.The other positive about pushing this issue is it uses the “divide and conquer” strategy of pitting liberals against the environmental lobby. At some point in the future, oil prices ?will rise again and they will not have Halliburton?and Bush to blame.?I still also hear very few Repulicans talking about how tax cuts have worked in past with democratic and republican Presidents. The democrats have them afraid to talk about tax cuts. Even so called fiscal conservatives like Joe Scarborough will not challenge these democrats or liberal journalists(yes it is redundant). Saw him interviewing someone from The Nation who mocked republicans for no new economic ideas, saying, “what are you going to do?tax cuts?” Scarborough was silent.We have the issues on our side, let’s keep fighting.