GOP looking to control primaries

I read with great amusement on front page of NY Times Sunday how GOP establishment and their super pac Crossroads want to control Senate primaries in particular to avoid ultra conservatives and tea party candidates,their phrasing not mine.
Let’s review GOP establishment candidates for Senate in 2012..Tommy Thompson, Connie Mack, George Allen, Pete Hoekstra, to name a few of the losers they have picked, throw in John McCain and Mitt Romney as last two Presidential candidates and their track record is not exactly stellar.
Going back to 2010, the Tea Party has elected Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Debbie Fisher, Ron Johnson to name a few. Yes the tea party has put up less than stellar candidates too but Senate was there for taking and GOP blew it.
I am convinced until we get rid of current establishment GOP like Boehner, Cantor, Karl Rove and McConnell to name a few, The GOP is doomed as well as the country.