Dear Mr. Speaker

Since it is obvious from the recent “fiscal cliff”negotiation you have never played poker and have no idea how to negotiate to win, let me offer you some free advice on winning the debt ceiling debate. President Obama won because he was willing to go over fiscal cliff and he knew you would not. Now here is my negotiation points to President Obama.

Dear President Obama; You continue to insist we do not have a spending problem in this country despite the fact you have added $6 trillion of debt in your first term. Your own CBO projects a deficit of $22 trillion by end of your second term, this is unacceptable.
We have reached the debt ceiling limit, so Congress has to approve any more deficit spending so here are my terms.
1)The $800 billion slush fund known as stimulus is gone. No more Cash for your corporate cronies to get rich off, that takes our spending down to roughly $3 trillion, still too high.
2)An additional 10% across board cut for all departments, including defense, this will replace the sequestor and take us down to a reasonable $2.7 trillion budget which will eliminate need for deficit spending. This takes us back to 2008 spending levels and no one was starving then and they will not now!
3)The senate will to its legal duty and pass a budget for first time in 3+ years
4)You will approve Keystone pipeline so we can start growing our economy and putting Americans back tp work. Most reports say you are planning to do so anyways.
5)We will each appoint a team to negotiate entitlement reforms including means testing, gradually raising age requirments..whatever is needed to ensure the sustainability for the long term. These meetings will be live on C-Span.
6)These terms are non negotiable, we are on an unsustainable path to destruction by debt that I will not allow on my watch. If you want to demogouge this, fine, we will default on our debt short term but the American people will understand that it is better to go through this pain now than have their economy collapse under the debt you are piling on.


John Boehner