Social Issues, conservatism

I had an interesting debate with a friend of mine who says he is a conservative but voted for Obama because he feels GOP is too close to religious right. My response if religious right is a constituency to the right the way lawyers and unions are constituencies to the left.

We defined conservatism; small government, low taxes, strong defense, state’s rights and individual freedoms, no argument so far.

I believe today’s GOP is not conservative due to economic issues. he believes it is due to social issues. He said GOP will never have pro-choice candidate for President, my reply is then why have two parties?

He claims GOP has lost elections due to social issues, abortion, gay marriage, stem cell. The was interesting article on this by voter in Colorado on RealClearPolitics.com and Hotair.com

I disagree, IMO, we have lost due to losing way on economic agenda, dems do bigger government better than we do.

So, I have set table for my question(s)

I do not believe in abortion, it should be a state’s rights issue but I also do not think it should be a crime. Whoever chooses this way out will have to answer to their God at some point and that is ok with me. I do not think The Supreme Court should write laws either, but libs have used Courts to push their agenda.

This was basically the position of Rudy Guiliani, who I wanted to be President during primaries based on what he did in NYC where I work. He transformed this city while flipping bird to NY Times which was great to see.

Could he be Prez. candidate for GOP with these views?

I am against gay marriage but tolerant of lifestyle for those who choose. Just do not call it marriage. Marriage is a union between a man and woman in every organized religion I am aware of.

President Bush did get stem cell right but gets no credit.

So help me out, my friend says these views sell out conservatism, is he correct?

I believe if we get right candidate to stress the economic message first and foremost, with the above political positions on social issues, we would win elections in landslide.