More Progressive Perfidy from the City Voted the "Craziest in the US"

The black democrat alliance in Ohio has pulled off another perfidious end-run with the assistance of democrat governor Ted Strickland. The scenario started when two black female politicians from Cincinnati decided to seek the same state senate seat. One was leaving her city council job because of term limits and the other, the former vice-mayor of Cincinnati, was also seeking the democrat held seat in the 33rd district. The black democrat caucus didn’t want to have a costly primary challenge so they “persuaded” the council woman to look elsewhere for a job. The woman, Laketa Cole, looked to governor Strictland to give her a political job but insisted she needed to be paid more than the $60,000 salary the city was paying her, since she was leaving the way open for the other woman to run unopposed. Strictland referred her to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio where there were no job openings, so they decided to create one. Believe it or not, the created job is titled chief of the “Reliability and Service Analysis Division” at PUCO. It’s a job where the 36 year old Cole, with a masters degree in public administration, won’t even have to leave her Cincinnati home in order to collect her new $78,354 salary. She will also be able to continue her time in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System. Shauna Eiselstein, PUCO’s spokeswoman, said she believed Cole was the only applicant and the only person “interviewed” for the job, which was just posted on the state’s job site. It’s no wonder that the Daily Beast, a news and opinion web site, has ranked Cincinnati the nation’s craziest city in a survey of the 57 largest metropolitan areas. It’s another distinction for the city that was previously honored for having the most dangerous neighborhood in the United States…. the “Over-the-Rhine” section of Cincinnati.