The Top UN Climate Change Official Yvo De Boer Resigns, Leaving the UN Program in Disarray

The British rock group Queen should repackage their song “Another One Bites the Dust”, as the theme song for the junk science brigands currently running for the hills. The British courts will soon indict and try these criminal ‘scientists’ as soon as parliament finishes their investigations. Only two weeks ago, Mr. de Boer was forced to admit that even the weak and not legally binding accord reached in Copenhagen, was beginning to unravel as continuing revelations unmask the way climate data was looted and altered by unscrupulous scientists for political and monetary gain. No one denies that the earth has been warming; after all, the last Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago. Of course the earth’s climate is continuing to change. The criminal scientists and their political lackeys, however, want us to believe that climate change equals MAN-MADE “global warming”. Even the scientist at the top of this house of cards now admits that global warming ended in 1995, and the earth is now in a cooling phase. Remember the hole in the ozone layer that was supposed to enlarge and melt the north pole? As time has shown, the “hole” comes and goes and man has no control over it (it was claimed that hair spray caused the hole). The hydrocarbons in sprays were changed to, guess what, in many cases… yep, changed to CO2. Obviously, hair spray is causing climate change, or maybe it’s WD-40, or dry ice. … and about Al Gore: Listening to this idiot, could anyone trust the “science” feeding this man’s cognitive disorder? He has totally lost it. Gore is now using “statistics” that he heard at a cocktail party in 2007 to justify his absurd 5-7 yr. end of the Arctic ice cap. And, oh yeah, remember when he invented the internet?