Rally Against "Racism"!

Having been brought up in a Democratic family in one of the most liberal towns in one of the most reliably Democratic states in the Union, I do owe something special to Jimmy Carter.  It was largely because of him that, in 1978, I decided I was a conservative (Ronald Reagan sealed the deal!).  I think President Carter has been doing us a lot of similar favors ever since.

Yesterday he decided to enlighten us with his observation that people who disagree with the president and his radical agenda must be racist.  It was hardly an original thought.  The word “racism” has long ceased to be a description of an actual cultural phenomenon.  For years it has been nothing more than a tool to shut up conservatives and libertarians who might be making an effective argument.  Since November this has risen to an unprecedented level.  Never before has the most powerful man in the world been considered a “victim” of “racism”.  With the accusation now coming not just from the usual hacks but from the mouth of the last President to preside over an unmitigated economic disaster, it takes on a new significance—or creepiness—depending on your perspective.

Now, I know a little something about being accused of “racism”.  Regular readers will recall that the original step in my forcible ejection from Simon Malls by the late leftist Mel Simon, was an accusation that my political material, critical of Barak Obama, was “racist”.  No explanation of this charge was ever offered.  Remember the point is not to make a point; it was to get me to shut up or, in this case, to get someone else to shut me up.

The New York Times had a whole exposé on the controversy today.  They considered, on the one hand, that maybe criticism of Obama is part of the normal give and take of American politics.  They also explored, on the other hand, that maybe people who refer to Obama’s lies as “lies” really wouldn’t be so upset if they were being lied to by a white guy.  What they did not consider, of course, is that nothing is “normal” about the Obama administration.  Not because he’s black (on his father’s side) but because he’s a Communist.  The fact that normal presidents don’t screw over our allies (as Obama did today by canceling the missile defense shield over Eastern Europe), cuddle up to our enemies (in Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, etc).  They don’t socialize one industry after another.  They don’t quadruple the deficit within weeks of taking office.

The whole “racism” discussion is a smoke screen behind which we’re not supposed to notice that Obama has populated his entire administration (and before that his life) with people who under normal circumstances couldn’t get a security clearance because they absolutely despise America and everything its stood for, for 235 years!  Does anyone seriously think that there would be tea parties if Thomas Sowell were president?  Or Walter Williams?  Or a hundred other freedom loving black Americans I could name off the top of my head (and so could you).  Everybody knows that the protesters then would be Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and we know what they’d be saying too: that Sowell (or Clarence Thomas or Allen Keys or whoever) isn’t really “black”.  That he isn’t really a product of the American black experience!  Even though, of course, it’s Obama who had one white parent and the other one wasn’t American.

So here’s what we need to do:  The ongoing process of disarming the left needs to move in the direction of taking away this over used tool. We need a movement to end “racism”. Not to end racism mind you (although that would be outstanding—I just don’t know how we’re going to end it with racists like Van Jones and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright running around).  No, this is a movement to end “racism”, i.e. the perfunctory, meaningless and unjust characterization of anyone who disagrees with the far left.  I think we need to start our movement in Atlanta in front of the Carter Center.  We need to gather patriotic black Americans who can express their disgust at the diminution of actual racism and the actual harm that it causes, every time the word is used as a mindless political weapon.  As when a woman falsely charges “rape”, the real victims of rape are victimized again.  We also need to gather whites who have been wrongly smeared with this terrible word:  like Rep. Joe Wilson and me and … (Heck pretty much any conservative or libertarian in the country)!  Do you remember when Charlie Rangel said “It’s not ‘spic’ and ‘nigger’ any more, now [they say] ‘let’s cut taxes.’?” That pretty much covers us all, doesn’t it?

I’m leaning heavily on armchair psychology here.  But, the way you vanquish a demon from your subconscious (or the nation’s subconscious) is to bring it out into the daylight and expose it to richly deserved ridicule.  Our choice, it seems to me, is to either go on living in a political environment where one side can shut down the whole discussion with one irrelevant word (regardless of the fact that the “racist” electorate just voted for a black president) or we can move to bring this nonsense to an end and disarm the left of another one of its most potent weapons (they’re already losing acorn as we speak).  I, for one, am in favor of taking the initiative here.  Who’s with me?

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