On Socialist Speeches: An End In Themselves

It’s been a week since Obama’s great speech to Congress on healthcare reform and, according to Rasmussen, his post-speech “bounce” in the polls is already fading. But I’m sure he’ll give another speech soon enough. In fairness, I think that Obama does actually represent what is best about socialism: The speeches.
If you think about it, just about all of the big socialist leaders, Castro, Mao, Lenin, were all famous for their speeches. This is not a coincidence. Socialism is all about false perfectionism. In a scenario we’ve seen a thousand times over, the socialists find fault in capitalism because it’s not perfect. Somebody’s hungry, somebody doesn’t have medical insurance: How could our society be so callous?

So, in turn for our freedoms, the socialists will perfect our imperfections. All of the good stuff that freedom produces will keep coming, we are told, it will just be distributed better and more efficiently! The fact that all previous socialist experiments have led to poverty and concentration camps, doesn’t disturb the speech at all, because this is the socialist’s moment. What will it cost? Nothing! Who will be covered? Everyone! Will that include illegal aliens? …Well, that depends on the audience. But therein lies the beauty of speeches. You can edit them!

Stalin would ‘speechify’ regularly about the incredible success of his latest five year plan. The starving peasants weren’t invited, of course, and those present would never dare to put the lie to what was being proclaimed from the podium (Congressman Wilson will, no doubt, be made to serve as a warning to others). No one may disturb the socialist’s speech! In fact, it’s only too bad that it has to come to an end. It is absolutely emblematic of our slide into the abyss that presidential lying is ok but any attempt to expose it must be censured.

So, we regular Americans, stubbornly clinging to our imperfect reality of freedom, are the only thing standing in the way of the beauty of the speech. Why can’t we just learn to love big brother and his wonderful words? I guess we must be racist.