Tips for "buy-cott"ers in support of Whole Foods Grocery

Speaking of boycotts: Whole Foods Grocery store is being boycotted by left-wingers (which is pretty much their primary clientele) because the CEO is apparently a libertarian (and not a leftist) and confident enough in his views to come out publicly against Obamacare. 

Well you can imagine how well the tolerant left is taking this case of diversity!  In an interesting twist, however, tea partiers in several states have launched a “buy-cott” and are encouraging conservatives to shop at Whole Foods. 

We at Free Market Warrior  can only agree with the sentiment.  Its not our regular kind of food either but you’ll find something there you like.  (Our suggestion is the microwaveable Indian food that comes in little boxes in the oriental foods aisle.  They’re delicious!) 

But here’s an even better tip:  when you go, wear a conservative t-shirt!  Walking into whole foods with an “Impeach Obama” or “Al Qaeda’s two favorites days” shirt will be the funnest thing you’ve done all year!  Make sure your car has a conservative bumpersticker on it too.   That way you can proudly display your sentiments in the parking lot as well!