Neutrality is NOT Neutral! (In support of Glenn Beck)

So now there’s a left wing group going after Glenn Beck via a boycott on his advertisers.  And it seems like only yesterday that Glen Beck was standing up for Free Market Warrior  when Simon Property Group decided that no conservative merchandise could be sold in their malls.  Perhaps it is the least we can do to stand up for Glenn.
But the most important point here, it seems to me, is that people understand how these cases are not equivalent and how the whole approach used by left wing groups (and their fellow travelers like Simon Property Group) is diametrically opposed to that used by conservatives. 
Our best estimate is that there are about 10,000 people boycotting Simon Malls because
of their intolerance toward our expressing a different opinion about the President than the one they hold.  I have no idea how many people are boycotting Glenn Beck’s advertisers.  But what is clear is that our guys are promoting free speech while the leftists (both inside the establishment and without) are trying to shut it down.  Everyone (other than Mel Simon perhaps) knows that Concord Mills Mall should have just added a liberal store called it “balance” and left well enough alone.  But they weren’t interested in “balance”. They wanted to prevent conservative and libertarian view points from being expressed.  Similarly, the folks who don’t like Glenn Beck aren’t content to simply turn the channel to MSNBC or CNN or ABC or..well.. just about anywhere.  No, their goal is to prevent YOU from seeing Glenn Beck.
When was the last time you saw a conservative trying to shut anybody up?  Now, I’m sure it’s self serving for me to suggest that the left doesn’t have much confidence in the power of their own arguments.  But they sure act like they don’t.  Just look around.  It’s the conservatives who like to argue politics.  The liberals stick their fingers in their ears (or call you racist!), whatever shuts down the discussion.  Our president is trying to rush trillion dollar legislation through congress before anyone can read it.  And if you ask any questions you’re a dangerous extremist.  
What’s clear is that free discussion benefits us; silence benefits them.  Nothing would make Obama happier than a four year hiatus on all political discussion in America.  That way politics, would be left to the “professionals”, like him.  I read that there were some advertisers who were going to avoid all opinion shows on cable news.  They would eschew Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and also avoid Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow.  This way, they thought, they could be “neutral”.   THOSE are the companies to boycott!