My Vote for Republican Presidential Nominee

Okay, let’s go through the usual suspects and I’ll explain why none of them but Sarah Palin stand a chance:

Romney – most of the country won’t elect a Mormon. Sorry.

Huckabee – is actually a socialist. Might beat Obama, but will forever tarnish the conservative brand.

Mitch Daniels – is not supported by religious voters, plus no president has ever been that short.

Tim Pawlenty – who? Plus, he’s from MN, which most of the country will interpret as socialist.

Newt Gingrich – please. He has more skeletons in his closet than your average cemetary.

Giuliani – too lazy to compaign.

Chris Christie – won’t appeal to religious voters.

Gary Johnson – won’t appeal to any conservative voters.

Roger Ailes – great candidate, but probably too old at this stage.

John McCain – definitely too old now.

Dan Quayle – great candidate, but only if he makes his son his VP nominee.

Sarah Palin has been shown in poll after poll to beat Obama, and everyone I know will vote for her. Over 9 million people bought her book or watch her show. SHE CAN WIN PEOPLE.