Olbermann is out!

On the same day that Jeff Immelt becomes the new chair of a “jobs” panel at the White House. I’m guessing the Teleprompter wanted to get rid of Olbie and offered Immelt a job as an incentive to get rid of him (maybe because of what happened in AZ?). I don’t know why Maddow was allowed to stay, though.

Also, some Arab guy is their 6 PM now, so it’s not like MSNBC is switching sides anytime soon.


Anyway, I’m wondering if CNN will pick up Olbermann. He looks like he’d make a good partner with Anderson Cooper, and they could both bring on real conservatives to then mock on their shows and tell each other how investigative they are.

Oh yeah, this is also my first diary. A bit about me: I’m in my mid-forties, work as a consultant in New England, and just finished reading the Reagan Diaries. I’ve been lurking here for many years but finally decided to take the plunge in. I look forward to engaging more now!