Is Mainstream Media Subtly Advocating Insurrection?

The cover of the 3/2017 issue of the Progressive consists of a swarm of bees surrounding a bear that is suggested to be Donald Trump as evidenced by the blond wig worn by the forest omnivore.

In nature, bees go into such a defensive mode when their property is attacked.

So is the Progressive now prepared to come out in favor of the castle doctrine or stand your ground laws?

More importantly, does the Progressive intend to advocate Americans vigorously standing up to protect their property from government thugs seeking to pillage and loot for a variety of reasons justified by any assortment of bureaucratic legalese?

Published in the table of contents of this very same issue of the Progressive is a picture of the White House with the construction crane in the background from which Greenpeace eco-terrorists unfurled a banner reading “Resist”.

How are those flocking to that call by committing assorted acts of civil disobedience any different than the business owners refusing to provide an assortment of goods and services advancing the cause of gay marriage?

An article in the 3/17 issue of the magazine “In These Times” is titled “Cities Go Rogue: In A Sea Of Red, Blue Enclaves Test Their Power To Rebel”.

Ironically, those applauding the spirit of that article probably support hurling rocks through the car windshields of those that are conservatives articulating contrarian perspectives in such progressivist strongholds.

Interestingly, the illustration accompanying the article consisted of X-Wing fighters from Star Wars with a caption reading how the White House and many statehouses are in the hands of the Dark Side.

Since that is an explicit Star Wars reference, shouldn’t it be asked if these propagandists are advocating armed insurrection?

Furthermore, why is such imagery acceptable when liberals are out of power but, if conservatives such as Sarah Palin utilizes the image of a bullseye, they are accused of fomenting violence such as mass school shootings?

By Frederick Meekins