Will Obama Airlift Immigrant Insurgents Into U.S. Heartland?

In an O’Reilly Factor interview, Univison propagandist Jorge Ramos remarked that the waters of the Rio Grande were contaminated and beset with dangerous currents.

Sarcastically I joked that eventually Coast Guard or Naval transports would probably ferry the border violators across.

It now seems that the Obama Administration may go above and beyond that level of accommodative outrageousness.

According to the New York Times, a proposal is being considered to transport young Hondurans 21 years of age and younger directly into the United States.

This is so they can avoid the journey through Mexico.

Instead, their energies can be reserved for carousing, looting, and other generalized forms of criminality once they reach not only the shores of the United States but apparently now the innermost destinations of the country as well.

Given that most Americans graduate around 18 years of age and can enlist in the military or qualify for most forms of employment at that age as well, it seems a sizable percentage of these trespassers aren’t the tiny helpless children the American people have been duped to believe.

By Frederick Meekins