Headline Potpourri #50

The opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics: literally Potemkin villages floating in the sky.

Given that the Russians can’t even put in a toilet right, that little girl being hoisted on a rope above the stadium had to be in fear of her life.

Bet whoever was responsible for the Olympic “O” that didn’t open on cue will end up dead in a dark alley or just disappeared without a trace.

If the U.S. Virgin Islands can field an winter Olympic Team, why not the Confederate States Of America?

If George Bush had handled America’s Muslim problem as indiscriminately as Vladimir Putin does Russia’s, would Bob Costas refer to Bush as a great statesman and peacemaker?

If a hammer and sickle can fly through the stadium to thunderous applause at the Sochi Olympics, perhaps the Germans should try something similar with a swastika the next time they host the games.

Categorizing Obamacare job loss as career liberation is akin to contextualizing being sent to a concentration camp as a brisk open air train ride through the Eastern European countryside.

If we can’t believe in a God capable of creating the universe in seven days, why ought we to believe in a God that can pull off other things like the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection? If we are to view the opening account of the Book of Genesis as literary and figurative, why not these other essential doctrines the faith would be pointless to follow without?

The cover of the March 2014 issue of Mother Jones Magazine reads, “Kidnapped By Iran: One minute we were hiking up a mountain. The next we were pawns in the nuclear chess game.” Are we to believe that there is some kind of spatial displacement anomaly in Yellowstone that whisks the unsuspecting to the other side of the world? What did these listless beatniks think was going to happen vacationing in these parts of the world? If nothing else, hopefully these deadbeats will be disimbued of the notion about all cultures being equal.

Notice the increasing number of people that not only want to treat other people like crap but literally insist that we thank them for extending their victims the privilege?

Aren’t you in essence a snot if you think a child in a class doesn’t deserve a little Valentine card if a school participates in that celebration?

Same ones that insist one does a child a favor by NOT giving them a 25 cent Valentine will stand their with their thumbs up their rectums dumbfounded as to why a few years down the line when the neglected commits an act of mass violence.

Enamored with Putin as a visionary leader and peacemaker, did Bob Costas seek assistance from that regime’s nationalized health care system to ease the symptoms of his ocular pestilence? Shouldn’t Constitution Day be a more prominent holiday than President’s Day?

Regarding the trial of the gun man that killed a youth over loud music. Since he could get as much as 60 years in prison on the counts he was found guilty of, other than to stir the racial stew, what other point is there to retry the first degree murder charge? The perp will likely get a life sentence over this crime. Yet Jackson and Sharpton will still whip the mobs up into a riotous frenzy insisting there is no justice in America.

Obama claims in 10 years that his healthcare reform will be seen as a monumental achievement. No doubt ranking up there with the Gulag, concentration camps, and the rice paddies of Cambodia.

Would schools cancel Martin Luther King Day in order to make up a snow day?

Having now been diagnosed with cancer in his mid 70’s, wonder if Tom Brokaw realizes that, according to Obama, the former broadcaster technically isn’t all that worthy of receiving life saving or extending medical care.

In INDONESIA, Secretary of State John Kerry insisted ALL PEOPLE must act responsibly to curb the impact of global warming. So did he WALK to this destination on the other side of the planet? Why couldn’t his oration been delivered over skype or some other communication technology that would cut down on the need for pointless globe-trotting excursions?

Idiot snake handling preacher Jamie Coots died after refusing treatment following a venomous snake bite. Too bad these heretics don’t meet their desired demise prior to contaminating the gene pool. National Geographic, the network behind the series “Snake Salvation” on which Coots as featured, released the following statement: “In following Pastor Coots … we were constantly struck by his devout religious convictions despite the health and legal peril he often faced. Those risks were always worth it to him and his congregants as a means to demonstrate their unwavering faith.” Do these pro-evolution propagandists speak as respectfully of creationist Ken Ham and his Answers In Genesis Museum?

Before lecturing China about the free speech of bloggers, did John Kerry convey the same lesson to his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry? After all, she was the one that said in 2004 that a reporter should be “pimp –slapped” for questioning what exactly she meant by “un-American” tendencies creeping into the American electoral process (that primarily meaning independent and citizen media not controlled by the two major parties).

Infamous apostate John Shelby Spong insisted in an Issues Etc interview (where he also insinuated that the claims made about Jesus Christ in the pages of the Bible are no more real than Harry Potter) that God is a verb that must be lived rather than a noun that must be defined. But without definition, how do we know whether or nor we are properly “goding” about?

In speaking on the assorted causes of California’s crippling drought, did President Obama reference government endangered species regulations that stymie assorted irrigation procedures and technologies already established in that pivotal agricultural state?

According to the standard advocated by John Kerry that global warming and contributing to it is akin to an act of terrorism, shouldn’t President Obama be considered a war criminal for playing golf three days in a row in California?

By Frederick Meekins