Does Southern Baptist Functionary Limit Reasons Over Which One May Leave A Church?

Southern Baptist Theologian Albert Mohler was asked if it was proper to leave a church that was advocating the Word of Faith movement.

That is the idea, to phrase it bluntly, often referred to as “Name It, Claim It” where it is believed the Christian can through the power of God in general and the Holy Spirit in particular speak into existence physical health and material prosperity.

Mohler’s position was in the end correct, assuring the caller that this doctrinal aberration was sufficient grounds to leave a church.

However, a few of the assumptions used along his chain of ratiocination ought to give one pause.

According to Mohler, one may only leave a church over explicit violations Biblical doctrine.

One may never depart over secondary matters or more intangible concerns where if not addressed won’t result in overwhelming physical or spiritual harm but would very well prevent an individual from living life to the fullest.

So why then is a pastor permitted to pull up stakes and head for pastures where he can obtain a fatter salary or more satisfying opportunities?

Why shouldn’t they be stuck there like the saps in the seats?

By Frederick Meekins