Illegal Pulls The Legs Of Gullible Multiculturalists As To Why He Wants To Remain In America

Speaking in favor of immigration reform legislation, a medical student in the country illegally told WMAL that he hopes he will be granted amnesty so that he might be able to take board certification exams because he is eager to give back to the COMMUNITY.

But is that his sole motivation or are other more personal financial interests at stake?

After all, won’t his home country gladly welcome an American educated doctor even if such Third World medical systems aren’t able to compensate as richly.

But if we are to believe the propagandistic lies stammering from his heavily accented mouth, filthy lucre isn’t the primary issue anyway.

These comments raise a number of issues.

Why was this student even admitted to medical school to begin with?

After all, the regular American can’t even step into a medical facility these days without having to produce a photo ID just to have blood drawn.

Secondly, if we aren’t supposed to construe who is and is not an American based upon traditional legalities since these are just pieces of paper anyway, why should mere pieces of paper restrict who can and cannot practice medicine?

by Frederick Meekins

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