Headline Potpourri #32

In reference to Rand Paul’s filibuster regarding the propriety of drone attacks against U.S. citizens on American soil, John McCain’s primary concern was that this maneuver of political rhetoric might fire up impressionable libertarian college students. Shouldn’t Senator McCain rather impressionable young college libertarians get fired up instead of impressionable young occupy movement types? At least the libertarian youth are less likely to think being on their parents insurance until nearly 30 years of age is a good thing.

A caller to Rush Limbaugh said that, at the Catholic Church she attended, the priest prayed that the greed of capitalism come to an end. What about the greed of socialism or other hierarchical centralized authority structures such as small religiously organized Italian city-states?

You will likely be required to work until the day that you die because the government won’t have any money for Social Security. However, at least you will be able to die in peace with life’s most pressing questions resolved. The federal government is spending over a million dollars on a study to determine why the majority of lesbians are obese.

The Iranian President is being condemned as something akin to a whoremonger for consoling the mother of dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. One cannot help but feel conflicted over this story. In one sense, this scumbag is getting exactly what he deserves. On the other hand, it exposes what a gutter religion he belongs to when someone is accused of immortality for attempting to comfort someone in a time of sorrow.

The commander of U.S. Naval Operations in the Pacific insists that global warming is the top national security threat. By doing so, the framework is being set to implement policies addressing this pseudo-issue that will not be expected to uphold civil rights and liberties.

It has been suggested that it is a tragedy for Evangelicals to pray and fast regarding the new pope. While it might not be an issue worthy of fasting over as it doesn’t look like most of the top contenders to the papal throne have themselves missed too many meals and won’t exactly be living in a state of self denial given their opulent surroundings should they get the job, offering up a quick prayer on the matter won’t hurt. After all, the individual selected will play a significant role in steering that interpretation of the Christian faith closer towards true Biblical religion or further away into the assorted errors tempting all that call upon the name of the Lord in one fashion or the other.

What is so wrong with a Protestant praying for the selection of at least a level-headed Pope that adheres to the shared commonalities of Christian doctrine and respects the rights of existence and expression of those he disagrees with? I guess there are those thinking the atrocities committed during the Thirty Years War by both sides were a good thing. Nothing wins souls to your vision regarding Christ and His message like a good pillaging and the ravishing of a few unwilling maidens.

Joe Biden is the first Catholic Vice President of the United States. Now there is an accomplishment any respectable religion could be proud of.

A number of prominent media pundits are applauding the selection of the Pope on the basis that they are of the same ethnicity as the new pontiff. Had someone gushed on national TV as to the “Germaness” of Carol Ratzenger, the Anti-Defamation League would have tossed a hissy fit until the offending talkinghead was removed from the broadcast airwaves.

If the new pope has called for a new evangelization effort in areas where Protestantism has made inroads, unless the campaign is confined to targeting those that were previously Catholic with those born into Protestantism or who became Protestant from a non-Catholic orientation off limits, on what grounds do Catholics have to get jacked out of shape when Protestants sweep up disgruntled and easily persuaded Catholics?

Judge Judy is being hauled into court over a divorcing couple’s fine china. Hopefully, she will be end up before a jurist that belittles her mispronounced words and questionable grammar or mock as illogical any of her own assumptions or choices that don’t comply with the judge’s own mental idiosyncrasies. Judy is accused of paying $50,000 that one party of a dissolving marriage did not agree to for china estimated to be worth over $500,000. No wonder she sneers down her Brooklyn nose at anyone driving a vehicle she considers to be out of date.

If WorldNetDaily is going to make a fuss over Jesus celebrating Passover rather than Easter and is going to go out of its way to make Christians feel that guilty about the matter, the media outlet could at least have the decency to update its 2011 solicitation regarding the video they are hawking on the subject with the correct 2013 dates.

Wonder if the manufacturers of bonobos pants deliberately named their garments after a particularly promiscuous subspecies of chimpanzee.

The cover of the March 2013 Columbia Journalism Review asks “How can we improve American media’s coverage of race, class, and social mobility.” This translates as why aren’t the disenchanted violently rampaging in the street or why aren’t there higher levels of White guilt racking the middle class.

If Rand Paul voted to confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense on the grounds that a President should be granted considerable deference in getting to select who they want to fill key positions within their administration, then shouldn’t the Senator have voted in the affirmative to confirm John Brennan as the head of the CIA? Isn’t an American as likely to be blown to smithereens by a drone under the control of the Pentagon as the CIA?

Instructive. Obama celebrated a Rosa Parks statue commemorating her courageous refusal to give up her seat but he threatens to punish corporations such as Hobby Lobby and a number of Evangelical and Catholic educational institutions that refuse to give up their values.

In threatening the sequester, Obama sarcastically mused whose funds should be cut: the poor kid or the disabled child. Firstly, what is being defined as disabled or poor? For some of the ways these terms are being defined, no one but bureaucrats in the educational and social welfare establishments would consider such youngsters as characterized by either of these conditions.

For its Saturday night B-movie, the Syfy Channel is airing “Chupacabra vs. The Alamo” starring Eric Estrada. Now which of these rarely seen curiosities is receiving top billing: the chupacabra or Eric Estrada?

What Diane Feinstein didn’t address in her evasion of Ted Cruz’s question about the First Amendment applying only to certain books is that certain firearms are being banned not on the basis of how they operate but rather on the grounds of how these contraptions look.

Obama was overseas badmouthing the United States as to how at one time his daughters would not have had much opportunity in America. Before this President is through with things, his daughters will be about the only ones with any worthwhile opportunities.

If Presidents are too busy to walk their dogs, perhaps either the dog does not get walked or better yet, perhaps such busy figures should not own a dog. We are called on to sacrifice for the good of the COMMUNITY, why not the nation’s leaders?

Isn’t Michelle Obama walking the family dog akin to Goofy walking Pluto?

Senator Harry Reid remarked it was a pivotal moment in world history when Obamacare was passed. Usually is when civilizations die.

PETA doesn’t love animals. The organization just hates humans.

If one notices error, one is not obligated to refrain from warning of its implications because it is being propagated by someone hiding behind a clerical collar or pulpit, especially when what those individuals are promoting impacts the world beyond the church walls.

A participant in an NPR debate regarding genetically modified children remarked that humans and mice share so much in common biologically that he views mice as little people. Usually, those of such a mindset, rather than exhibit a compassion for all creatures in the tradition of Francis of Assisi, usually endorse the hacking apart of babies like stew meat and are eager to pull the plug on the elderly should they nod off too often in front of the television set.

Comedian Jim Carrey apparently now fancies himself as a profound philosopher. But the story he intends to publish about a wave afraid to crash itself upon the beach for fear of losing its individual existence could be construed as encouraging suicide bombers, genocide, or other widespread abridgments of basic human liberties if the individual is nothing more than part of the whole or the COMMUNITY.

Some observations regarding the gay marriage controversy. This is how liberals and even a number of conservatives clamoring for the approval of secularist elites are framing the issue. These factions oppose legislation and policies at the national level such as the Defense of Marriage Act claiming that the matter should be left up to states to decide. However, when certain states decide not to authorize the practice, these activists then want the federal courts to nullify the decision arrived at by constitutionally sovereign electorates. If increasing numbers justify acceptance of the practice on the grounds of evolving cultural standards, should standards revert back, on what grounds does it remain legal?

In coverage of a lottery jackpot, it sounds so much more culturally fascinating to say that the winner was a foreigner working in a bodega rather than simply calling the place of employment a rundown corner store with questionable adherence to health and hygiene standards.

Chris Matthews has compared Second Amendment supporters to Nazis. But weren’t the Nazis the ones that wanted to disarm the populations they targeted for enslavement or extermination?

How about just abolishing all inheritance taxes rather than legalizing gay marriage?

Too bad those outraged over a Congressman using the word “wetback” aren’t as outraged at groups such as La Raza and MECHA that don’t so much intend to call White folks unpleasant names but rather KILL White people residing in certain areas when the great uprising takes place.

Tolerancemongers are out to destroy a CBS sports analyst that joked he was bringing the White man’s perspective to a panel otherwise consisting of Black broadcasters. How was the comment any worse than some of these racialists constantly reminding those with no visual impairment whatsoever what color they happen to be?

Hopefully, since they likely won’t remain together very long anyway, at least these queers will likely have their accumulated savings squandered in the divorce court system like vast percentages of other Americans.

Bob Beckel of Fox News has decreed that political issues should not be addressed from the pulpit. But what authority gets to determine which issues are political and which are religious?

Isn’t saying that it should be up to the mother as to what is done to a baby born during an abortion akin to saying it should be up to the plantation owner as to whether or not the slave is emancipated?

Former Obama administration harpy Anita Dunn insists that the alternative universe of Fox News is crumbling. Mind you, this is the very same woman that admitted to inhabiting a conceptual reality where Chairman Mao is worthy of same moral respect and admiration as Mother Teresa.

Obama has announced a research project intended to map the human brain in action. By this, does the President mean that this will only include objective biological functions or will scientists attempt to decipher what a brain contemplating “terrorist”, racist, or sexually harassing thoughts look like so as to develop scanners detecting when minds wander in unapproved directions? At the announcement of his mind control project, Obama assured that he holds science in proper esteem. If the President really did so, wouldn’t he oppose most forms of abortion since biology explicitly teaches that the unborn child is a fully human life?

As part of its gun control legislation, the State of Connecticut has authorized the investigation of students engaged in disturbing behavior. In such a liberal state, such phraseology is usually interpreted broadly enough as to include those opposed to gay marriage, those believing in Creationism over evolution, and those professing that believing in Jesus Christ as part of the Triune Godhead is the only way to avoid eternal Hellfire.

A leftwing website asserts that many White men worship guns in compensation for insufficient sexual endowment. So using this logic, ought we to conclude that minorities tend to use guns in acts of inner city violence because of mental capabilities insufficiently development to keep their desire to unholster their firearm under control?

Does the proposed ammunition certification requirement in Connecticut have anything to do with stopping gun violence or is it merely another disguised tax to raise revenue? I doubt these qualifications will be granted for free.

If the hordes swarming across the border were coming to take jobs in the media, the Associated Press stylebook would still allow terms such as “illegal immigrant”.

Quite fascinating that those that would deny the binding nature of divine revelation would grant such status to the edicts of the Associated Press stylebook. If fundamental moral precepts in Scripture such as those condemning the assorted varieties of adultery and fornication are dismissed by ultramodernists as mere suggestions, why shouldn’t the linguistic preferences of this particular reference guide be categorized in a similar manner?

President Obama has declared April to be financial education awareness month. Isn’t this akin to Bill Clinton calling for chastity and marital fidelity?

by Frederick Meekins

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