The Old Retcon Bait & Switch

A number of the ultrapious are attempting to promote the notion that if there are no godly candidates running in an election, then the true believer should perhaps refrain from voting all together.

What we have here is a derivative of the old bait and switch tactic.

Both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum are both deeply motivated by their respective Christian faiths.

However, in numerous Facebook status updates posted by proponents of this perspective, it is constantly reiterated that neither of these candidates is good enough.

Those advocating such a position are not being fully open about their true position.

According to this form of Christian Reconstructionism, if a candidate disagrees on so much as a single issue not even directly related to issues of soteriology or Christology, you are not only forbidden from electing them to elected office but are also to toss them into outer darkness as one would any other unbeliever.

By Frederick Meekins