DC Grants Rats More Rights Than Unborn Children

A law has been enacted by the DC city council not only requiring that must most forms of rodentine vermin be captured for rerelease, but that they must also be relocated as family units.

These creatures are not a pod of whales, a herd of elephants, or a troop of gorillas.

Given that they will even eat their young and produce another liter a few months or weeks later, I doubt they form deep meaningful bonds with their offspring.

The same fanatics that don’t want rats harmed by human hands are the same ones that decimate feral cat colonies that would otherwise keep these pests in check.

It’s not like rats are on the verge of going extinct in the nation’s Capitol (and given the nature of the city it’s doubtful that they ever will).

According to one DC health official from Pakistan, the rat problem at Occupy movement shantytowns exceed those in Third World refuge camps.

Some will snap that the law applies only to pest control officials.

But for how long?

Often as in regards to other expansive laws, eventually this dictatorial regulation will be expanded to homeowners trying to handle these vermin themselves.

And speaking of plagues and such, it wouldn’t surprise me if such laws were being enacted as a way to allow some kind of new strain of the plague to develop with the hopes of systematically eliminating vast swaths of the human population.

by Frederick Meekins