Zany Might Not Be That Bad After All

Romney insists in regards to Gingrich that “zany is not what we need in a President”.

By that, one must assume Romney considers as “zany” a willingness to at least consider approaches to issues outside of the box and observing where our time fits with the overall flow of history.

To Romney, it seems how things are going now are, to use vocabulary fitting with his own patterns of speech, “just peachy”.

But one supposes there really isn’t anyway of ascertaining such since Romney also informed us that we really didn’t need an historian either.

And just think, he could have likely gotten by with it if it weren’t for those pesky kids.

Thought I would toss that in if candidates are going to start sounding like they are doing voiceovers for Scooby-do episodes from the mid 70’s.

by Frederick Meekins