Headline Potpourri #22: Oslo Shooter, Tea Party Hobbits & Federal Pecker Patrol

An associate watching a home repair show informed of an episode where an owner could not get the permit to remodel unless he promised not to remove poison ivy on the property since it is classified as a “non-invasive species”.

If the Oslo tragedy will be invoked to justify how guns and those questioning immigration are a threat to social order, can’t it also be used as an example of why you shouldn’t automatically obey someone in a police uniform since they might be an impostor?

I thought European social democracies had extensive gun control regulations.

The act of violence must remain the primary focus regarding the Oslo shooting tragedy. But isn’t it creepy that a political party is running a youth camp? Are the same tolerancemongers opposed to Promisekeepers rallies and the Answers In Genesis creation science museum going to speak out against such closed recreational associations and environments?

If one wants to hold to the relativistic multiculturalism derided by the Oslo attacker, on what grounds does one then condemn this atrocity? To do so appeals to a set of universal values above culture and individual preference.

Unlike the Palestinian mobs that took to the streets in celebration of 9/11, there are no Christians dancing in glee over the Oslo shootings.

If the Oslo gunmen did not exhibit a prominent place in his worldview for Jesus other than as an outdated phenomena, on what grounds can he be categorized as a Christian Fundamentalist?

If the Oslo shooter considers himself a Knight Templar, isn’t Dan Brown actually more responsible than Sarah Palin, talk radio, or the Tea Party movement?

If Ron Paul insinuates we bring Islamists attacks on ourselves as a result of interventionist foreign policy, is he going to claim that Muslims brought the Oslo attacks upon innocent Norwegians as a result of belligerent Islamic migrations into Scandinavia?

If the Oslo terrorist killed primarily fellow Nordics, can his rampage be described as anti-Muslim? If so, when Muslims blow apart other Muslims, shouldn’t the act be considered at attack againt Christians?

Eventually, smart meters will turn off everyone’s AC in the blistering heat. Not just those of the leftist dupes that have voluntarily signed up for these programs.

If MacDonald’s intends to decrease the serving of fries and increase the serving of fruit or vegetables in Happy Meals, are they really happy meals anymore? This ought to be borderline false advertising. It is claimed this adjustment to the menu has been made in response to the demands of parents. Or is this change more out of fear of the termagant Frau Obama? If parents are really behind it, it is likely those annoying liberal ones that stuffed their faces with whatever they pleased as youngsters but demand of their own progeny a level of asceticism similar to that of a desert hermit.

According to the July 23, 2011 issue of New Scientist, future Artificial Intelligences may herd into preserves those humans not wanting to be transformed into cyborgs.

Insurance companies will be required to provide birth control materials at no cost to policy holders. If someone wants to screw, why shouldn’t the expense come out of their own pocket since doing so is a recreational luxury rather than a biological necessity.? Those wanting particular decongestants are often now having to pay for these medicines out of their own pockets. So why is a clear Eustachian tube less of a priority than a clear Fallopian tube?

Supposedly, America is to be a system of equality before the law and in terms of access to mandated benefits. So if insurers are mandated to pick up the expense for medical screenings of female parts, shouldn’t similar screenings be made for male parts as well or has our culture become so hyperfeminized that these have shrunken to such an extent as to have withered on the vine? Are men that die of prostate or testicular cancer not as dead as women that have passed away as a result of uterine or ovarian cancer?

If the Tea Party is full of Hobbits, does that make John McCain an Orcish Troll?

In the Lord of the Rings, Hobbits were portrayed as admirable characters. This species was noted for enjoying the simple pleasures of life yet was capable of summoning considerable courage when the situation called for it. In mocking them, elites such as William Kristol and John McCain are revealing the contempt they harbor for average Americans.

Chris Matthews insists it is an inappropriate outrage for anyone holder of elected office but the President to speak from behind a podium. Too bad this crazed drunk isn’t as concerned about the actual provisions and clauses of the Constitution.

Interesting how a Muslim that wanted to be excused from duty in Afghanistan as a conscientious objector had no qualms about stockpiling weapons to be used against Americans.

A Virginia family was issued a $500 fine for rescuing a woodpecker from a cat. Next time, let the cat eat the d–n bird. This is no doubt proof that the law is not about protecting animals but about destroying liberty.

If the Fish & Wildlife Service can use VA state deputies to assist in executing warrants, why can’t Arizona law enforcement ascertain the immigration status of detainees?

By Frederick Meekins