Armstrong Williams Duped By Egyptian Hooligans

Of the tumult in Egypt, columnist Armstrong Williams posted that America should not be afraid of Egypt’s emerging democracy that “will be different from America’s political system.”

Williams comes to this conclusion because, “Egypt is a Muslim country…It is only natural that their…government will take on characteristics unique to its culture.”

So basically, this alleged conservative is excusing ahead of time the violent persecution of Christians that will likely erupt and the mass slaughter of dissidents that often takes place in Islamic societies undergoing revolutionary upheaval.

Would Williams be so eager to overlook such atrocities if Egyptians were White rather than the ancient civilization many contemporary Black radicals rest their laurels upon the accomplishments of as an excuse to justify their own lack of effort and accomplishment?

As someone accused in a lawsuit of instigating a bout of unwelcomed tonsil hockey with another man, before giving his endorsement to what will likely be yet the rise of another totalitarian realm, perhaps he should ask himself how he would fair under a regime that dispensed with certain American niceties he insinuates are not essential for the protection of a free people.

by Frederick Meekins