Gingrich Conniving, Obama Shrugging & Baldwin Auditing: Headline Potpourri #18

Newt Gingrich is conniving to pass a law essentially allowing a state to declare bankruptcy in order to get out of paying pension benefits to retirees. Before it ever went into affect, the former Speaker should be compelled to renounce every last penny and future benefits accruing to his name as a result of his tenure in the House of Representatives. Failing to fulfill promised obligations to those having reached a certain age seems to be a modus operandi for Gingrich. He dumped two wives before they ever got the chance to be as fat and gray as he has become.

In a Fox News profile of Republican presidential frontrunners, Mike Huckabee was categorized as an ideal social conservative for his stances on the pro-life and marriage issues. At best, Huckabee is only a mediocre social conservative. Have we already forgotten the instance where he commuted Maurice Clemmon’ prison sentence largely because the convict happened to be Black and how Clemmons proceeded to murder someone after his release years later? In a milieu that was staunchly pro-life, those making it outside of the womb are just as deserving of life and the enthusiasm to protect the innocent as is expressed for those not yet having emerged from the birth canal.

Perhaps if the most fanatic advocates of Martin Luther King day were more inclined towards regular employment, they’d realize every day you go to work you are “giving back to the community” and “engaged in a day of service”.

If it will be illegal for average Americans to own high capacity ammunition magazines, there is no reason for police to have them either.

Why is an ammunition magazine that holds ten bullets perfectly acceptable but one holding eleven is an intolerable nightmare that can’t be allowed on American streets?

A formal state dinner was held for the Chinese dictator at the White House. Hope young pup Bo wasn’t mistaken for an appetizer.

An exhibit in Times Square is titled “Experience China”. Wonder if this includes forced abortion, the abridgement of free thought, and compulsory organ harvesting.

Obama shrugged that “China has a different political system than we do”. So did South Africa under Apartheid. So why didn’t we just leave that regime to their own human rights abridgements as well? Is it somehow moral to slaughter your fellow citizens so long as they are the same basic color that you are?

If a Red Chinese pianist can play an anti-American song in the White House, does that mean Toby Keith gets to play his “We’ll Put A Boot In Your Ass” ditty in Tiananmen Square?

Wonder if the spokesman of the Birmingham Islamic Society upset that the Gov. of Alabama only considers fellow Christians his brothers and sisters is in as much an outrage over actual abridgements of human rights by Muslims against those considered infidels in the eyes of that faith.

Twenty years from now if we aren’t all living like cavemen because of an electromagentic pulse attack, will Google mangle its logo in honor of Reagan’s Inaguration the way it has Kennedy’s? If a Christian Reconstructionist condemnss fellow believers with an interest in conspiracy theories on the grounds that this is participation in gossip and the like and the Reconstructionist believes that all the provisions of the Bible are to be implemented as civil, statutory law, does this mean that should they come to power that they would abolish the freedom of the speech and of the press?

A Facebook evangelist insinuates that one is occultic if one has no problem with women wearing pants, cutting their hair, or riding in a car with an unrelated man. Though the poster was not necessarily Reconstructionist per say, would Reconstructionists holding to a similar position reinstitute witch trials for those engaged in such activities or have problems with Muslims that punish for such offenses.

Am no more desirous to live in a world where ecclesiastical authorities pry into one’s decisions that are no where clearly spelled out in the pages of Scripture as I am in a world of total licentiousness.

Leftist entertainer Alec Baldwin has been audited under suspicions of evading New York tax obligations. If guilty, isn’t he denying the art education opportunities for ghetto children he has lectured the remainder of us over for decades now?

by Frederick Meekins