Observations Regarding The History Channel’s “Prophets Of Doom”

On the History Channel special “Prophets Of Doom”, most of the talking heads assembled to discuss a number of the scenarios potentially instigating the collapse of the United States insisted that the nation must return to a system of localized agriculture.

Interestingly, though, none of the gathered researchers and theoreticians looked like they would be all that much into manual labor.

So I guess in their thinking, it will be up to you to give up your standard of living. They, on the other hand, will get to become the new feudal lords still sitting around thinking what by then will be useless kinds of thoughts while you will be the one toiling away in the fields.

Though an intellectually stimulating program and discussion, one couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy of the analysts filmed driving around in their automobiles lamenting how human beings should have never been allowed to advance to the level of technology that we now enjoy.

Interesting how the old bald guy with the earring gripping about the decline of fossil fuel supplies never said a word about part of that crisis resulting from legislative and bureaucratic prohibitions against exploring for and developing new sources of oil within our own borders and off our own shores where other world powers are beginning to stake a claim.

If those assembled were suppose to be such experts about the threats that could lay waste to modern civilization, how come not a single word was raised regarding electromagnetic pulse weapons?

by Frederick Meekins