Would Deficit Panel Impose Sanctions Upon Itself?

The deficit reduction commission was a panel charged with suggesting way to curtail America’s decline into paupery.

Foremost among these ranked increasing the retirement age to nearly 70 years of age. If such a proposal were ever enacted, it would be the first time in decades that the ruling elites have taken Biblical revelation into consideration.

You see, the Good Book teaches that that is about the end of the human lifespan and anything beyond that is usually categorized as a descent into suffering.

To state things bluntly, dear readers, the government eventually plans to cross its fingers hoping that you will just die on the job.

But whereas you will be extolled the glories and delight of sacrifice, it is doubtful the same will be required by the likes of those seated on the commission.

For example, the co-chair of this panel was retired Senator Allan Simpson. As part of the sacrifice we are all expected to shoulder with a smile, has Allan Simpson forsaken the benefits the members of that deliberative body have been known to accumulate once they leave it?

So before we ever cut back on the elderly tottering along the edges of destitution, perhaps we should curtail the lavish benefits extended to those elevated to membership in the federal legislative body already millionaires to begin with or whom often use their time in elected office as springboards to additional fortunes, accolades, and honors.

Perhaps better yet, lets abolish Congressional salaries all together. Then those entering these national halls will be more prone to depart from them under their own power long before they have to be pushed out in a wheelchair.

by Frederick Meekins