Boob Love, Pink Cleats & The Williams Fiasco:Headline Potpourri #17


Students sue for the right to love boobs. Or at least there was a case filed for the right to wear a t-shirt attesting to such fondness in regards to breast cancer awareness. Will there be parity for testicles along with the opportunity to wear paraphernalia referencing the bawdy vernacular often used to describe those bodily organs.


 If Michael Kinsley is going to look down his nose at Marco Rubio for insisting that America is the greatest country in history, perhaps in the spirit of international balance, perhaps Kinsley and his family should be sent to take the place vacated by Rubio’s family in Communist Cuba. Am sure Kinsley’s Parkinson’s will get the treatment it needs under the wonders of Castro’s glorious healthcare program.


 Of course it was a miscarriage of justice to waterboard Khalid Muhammad. Interogators should have instead used the same rusty knife on him that he used to hack off Daniel Pearl’s head.


 Obama was to visit Indonesia’s largest mosque. Is it his habit to visit the prominent religious landmarks in countries with a predominantly Christian heritage as well? If you will recall, if there happens to be Christian symbols at venues where Obama is appearing, he demands that such iconography be removed. Such objects, no doubt, have similar effect upon him as they would a vampire.


 All that marriage is an indication of is that a person is married. Contrary to a number of churches, ministries, and political candidates, it is not a barometer of spiritual maturity or standard of eligibility for ecclesiastical or political office. The statistics on broken and unhappy marriages alone are evidence of this truth.


 If liberals can invoke tragic incidents such as mass shootings to justify curtailments of firearms ownership and even proposed restrictions on talk radio such as the Fairness Doctrine, shouldn’t the riots that inevitably follow the conclusion of nearly every championship game especially among ghettoized segments of the population justify the abolition of professional athletics?


 Would the San Francisco Chronicle had brushed aside the World Series Riot as “joyful mayhem” if it had been the neswpaper’s building vandalized rather than that of a Wells Fargo office?


 If the government is authorized to shoot on site anyone violating the perimeter of Area 51, why can’t we apply that same policy and spirit of vigilance to the entire U.S. border?


 Interesting that Juan Williams would be done in amongst his liberal bedfellows over matters of appropriate speech. For years, he has insisted in various interviews that Whites should have greater restrictions placed upon them than Blacks regarding what Caucasians should be permitted to say.


 If Juan Williams had been White, would Whoopi Goldberg have even cared about this political analyst being fired from NPR?


 Would Juan Williams have stood for the free speech of someone saying that they were leery of Black hoodlums in oversized pants riding down their rearends?


 Degenerates at NPR should realize that, should the Muslims ever take over, they will be among the first rounded up and eliminated.


 Interesting how CAIR thinks Juan Williams is a greater threat to America than the actual terrorist groups that CAIR has associated with over the years.


 Vivian Scholler should be told that saying she’s sorry isn’t going to pay Juan Williams’ bills. Hopefully, she’ll learn that lesson for herself on the receiving end soon enough.


 On The O’Reilly Factor, Dana Parino remarked that the firing of Juan Williams was handled in a “ham handed” fashion. There will probably be some Islamist flying into an outrage over the mention of ham on broadcast television.


 A campaign ad mocked Christian O’Donnell as being from the Twilight Zone. That ought to be considered a compliment. It must be pointed out that that program had a way of expressing fundamental truths dimwitted conformists would otherwise fail to comprehend in much the same way lesser minds have failed to understand the startling realities she was courageous enough to raise in a number of her campaign appearances.


 Given that his wife called Anita Hill from out of the blue after nearly 20 years demanding an apology and given his history with Anita Hill, it makes you wonder if Justice Thomas has the hots for psychopathic mentally unstable women.


 The Crystal Cathedral has filed for bankruptcy. So much for the power of positive thinking. Maybe it can be turned into a mosque since Schuller is alleged to have said he wouldn’t mind if his grandkids became Muslims.


 The same human rabble outraged that Sharon Angle thought that a group of Asians looked Latino are probably the same ones that have contributed to Hispanosupremacist groups that have discussed openly of their future plans to kill White people.


 Unless there is a specific rule as to what color cleats must be, a student kicked off a high school football team for wearing pink ones should be reinstated because a coach’s authority ought not be allowed to extend that far. We are constantly badgered over the head how scholastic athletics teach important life lessons. If this decision is allowed to stand, the lesson is none other than that we must submit to regulations that have no basis other than arbitrary opinion. No wonder America is now on the brink of tyranny if the young are conditioned to simply do as they are told.


 In the Washington Post, Ted Koppel put his nonpartisanship on display for the public to fawn all over. Are you going to tell us that his documentary lauding the wonders of Red China was evenhanded and not onesided? But then, since the former Nightline host laments the proliferation of broadcast opinion beyond the establishmentarian party line, perhaps an authoritarian regime is exactly where he belongs.


 Interesting how a number of the same Prince George’s County elites that drone on constantly about the injustices of slavery centuries ago and invoke that tragedy as an excuse for the handouts going to their own constituents, even though the recipients of such public largess have never been slaves, are themselves linked to a scandal involving human smuggling.


 It’s like you’ve got to have the dexterity of a neurosurgeon now to role a long enough sheet off of these new fangled toilet paper dispensers. Eventually they will probably be monitored electronically to catch those violating the Cheryl Crowe one sheet maximum.


 by Frederick Meekins