Leftists Kooks Infilitrate Liberty University

Leftist kooks are infiltrating the faculty of Liberty University.

A biology professor there is insisting that modern society has developed an unfounded prejudice against bare feet.

As part of his proof, he cites photographs of early 20th century school children with unshod feet.

What he fails to realize or point out is that those children were likely that way because their parents couldn’t afford shoes rather than as a result of conscientious fashion choice.

This case reminds me of some nutcase pastor from the Baltimore area, who despite his many trips abroad and such, berated his congregation for having more than one pair of shoes because the Africans he had encountered didn’t have more than one pair.

Of course, it was never mentioned if we shouldn’t travel abroad because the average African doesn’t tend to travel abroad.

Before this foolishness meets its conclusion, as in the case of those that disfigure themselves with religious tattoos or those that made a big production of being discalced in the times of medieval Catholicism, those that go about without benefit of shoes will be applauded as spiritually better than the rest of us and those refusing to participate in podiatric nudity as average Americans will be accused yet another drain on environmental resources.

by Frederick Meekins