Emergent Church Treehugger Bit Of A Nut

According to Brian McLaren in an episode of his podcast regarding creation care posted at EmergentVillage.com, God is not all that pleased with us living in square boxes.

I’d like to know what other shape we are suppose to use to get roofs over our heads.

No matter how large that religious circus tent of McLaren’s in Burtonsville, Maryland might be, it is still basically in the form of some kind of box.

Much of the purpose of the Emergent Church is to deride so-called “middle class values” and to undermine America’s traditional Judeo-Christian culture (or in other words, minding your own business and providing for oneself as empowered by God).

Perhaps someone ought to point out that McLaren’s understanding of nature reeks of the bourgeoisie naivety he and his leftist cohorts spend so much of their time criticizing.

To McLaren, nature consists of the beauty of this annual sunflower and the run off pond he stocks with fish that he mentions in the podcast.

Both of these acts, by the way, go against nature left in a pristine state since the sunflower mentioned is deliberately planted by a human being and the fish are not going to slither by themselves into what sounds like a landlocked pond.

If it were not for the contrived boxes McLaren seems to loathe and the technology making such comfort possible, I doubt he would find nature to be all that amicable as he would otherwise be subjected to extremes of heat and cold that would make life unbearable and likely even unlivable.

by  Frederick Meekins