Observations Regarding Alleged Tea Party Slurs

A number of observations regarding slurs allegedly spewed by Tea Party activists on Capitol Hill protesting the vote on health care reform:

(1.) Since the rally was open to the public, how do we know if those enunciating racial epithets were members of actual Tea Party organizations.

(2.) How do we know that hose hurling such insults were not actually leftist infiltrators conniving to make Tea Party activists look bad. After all, numerous incidents of alleged racial bias have been proven to have been perpetrated by radical minority agitators.

(3.)  Isn’t it worse to be an able bodied person living off the public dole than someone who says something in a fit of temper extremely ill mannered?

(4.) Regarding Barney Frank supposedly being called a “fag”.  Isn’t he the one that has deliberately told the public what it is that excites his loins to the point that this is the first thing that comes to the public mind when he makes a public appearance?

(5.)  If the establishmentarian media thinks it is wrong to call Barney Frank a “fag”, then on what grounds can they then refer to Tea Party activists as “Teabaggers”, which is actually a reference possibly even fouler than the “fag” categorization?

(6.)  Unlike some of Obama’s closest supporters such as Bill Ayers, the wildest Tea Party activists are still merely children tossing tantrums in terms of actual violence and destroyed property.

by Frederick Meekins