Female Chauvinist Wants Men Kicked Out Of Congress

If a male member of Congress said they could get more done if women and other assorted minorities were sent home since these tend to be the demographics that tend to think the government owes them a living even if they could provide it for themselves, we’d never hear the end of it.

If Leftists are going to constantly make a hullabaloo over the propagation of stereotypes, one of the inferences of Rep. Carol Shea-Porter must be addressed.

In her remarks she insinuates that only the female members of the legislative body have been responsible for taking care of family.

It should be pointed out men that go out to work each day are also taking care of their families.

Anyone that argues otherwise should support the abolition of child support laws along with government welfare handouts and see just how long children thrive without any kind of material and nutritional sustenance.

This brings us to yet another observation.

It is safe to say that most of the female members of Congress did not come from the ranks of scrubwomen earning minimum wage.

As such, many no doubt possess professional backgrounds where they actually placed their careers over and above that of their children.

Rep. Shea-Porter (with her hyphenated last name indicating that her identity derived from her role as wife and mother is not sufficient for her) can pull the public leg all she wants; however, it is most likely the babysitters and nannies that have taken care of the children of the female members of Congress.

Thus, when this November rolls around, we should toss out both genders also irrespective of how the plumbing is hooked up.

By Frederick Meekins